Using ceph rbd as Xen backend

Since I have googled a lot to find the relevant configuration line, here the result: (assuming a running ceph installation and Xen >= 4.3) disk = [ ‚format=raw, vdev=xvda1, access=rw,backendtype=qdisk, target=rbd:<pool-name>/<image-name>:id=<cephx-Id>‘ ]

Spring cleaning

I just dusted the map building process. Now the used programs (mkgmap and splitter) are the newest versions available, so we can benefit from the improvements made there over the winter. I wish a pleasant bicycle ride.

Tanita BC-601 converter to rubiTrack

To use the automated import of ;rubiTrack for the data created by a Tanita BC-601 I modified the script from trinity a bit. It creates two files, one CSV file with all values and one for the rubitrack import. #!/bin/bash file=$1 output_all=“${file%/*}/tanita_out.csv“ output_rubi=“${file%/*}/tanita_rubitrack.csv“ echo „date; age; size; work; weight; bmi; visc_fat; fatmass; fatmass_percent; musclemass; bonemass; calories; …

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