Installing Debian on a Qnap TS-253A

I was a bit unhappy with the Qnap QTS-System on my TS-253A, but still like the hardware (upgraded to 8GB memory).
I thought more than once if I could simply install Debian on that box, but could not find any hints (only for other models), but was afraid that the NAS might be locked down.

A few days ago I decided to try it, and it was really simple:

  • Put the Netinstall image on a usb pendrive
  • Connected a Keyboard, a display (hdmi) and internet access over wired ethernet to the TS-253A
  • Entered the Bios and booted from the pendrive
  • Everything else went as smooth like every other box. I used the 512MB DOM for the /boot partition.

System is running now with KVM/libvirt and the first two local VMs (router/firewall and one for the cnc machine), more to come 😀

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